Date Released: Dec 6, 2019

Dick Berberian

Dec 6, 2019 | Apps, December 2019

Seasonal Cauliflower served either flame grilled or pancake battered fried served with carrots and available in any of our five house sauces. Dick was local legend known to many a youngster in Manoa. In later life he was the Sacred Heart crossing guard. Years before that Dick and Mary’s son Richie tragically passed away as a young man. While devastated they basically adopted the youth of the entire town as their own. Dick could tell you every great athlete out of Sacred Heart because he literally went and followed them all like they were his blood. Amazing people. Part of the Southwest Philly influx back in the day but when they passed they were forever woven into the fabric of the community they helped grow and thrive. Thrilled to have his name join our new seasonal menu.