Scotty Carlin
Date Released: Mar 12, 2020

Scotty Carlin

Mar 12, 2020 | Sandwiches, Special

Introducing the Scotty Carlin. Whole bottom round marinated in A1 based marinate, grilled with cheddar on sourdough bread melt style.

Really hoping this might be a keeper. Scotty was an amazing person. He married his loving wife Ann after she had five children and her husband passed away. They had Richie and Scotty raised Lynn, Ann, Jimmy, JT, and a Timmy as his own. No one more Manoa than Truax/Carlin family.

Scotty worked at Manoa as daytime bartender aft  er his printing days. Loved West Catholic pennants and an occasional poker machine. But more importantly he was a man of his time. He was a man who could see more than him in sense of self. He loved his family, loved West, and loved Manoa. #stilllikescottyioneleggedraceagainstcummings, #westpennants