Date Released: Nov 1, 2019

Sister Mary Pacis

Nov 1, 2019 | Desert, Special

Introducing our first dessert special. The Sister Mary Pacis. Apple Cinnamon rollup. House made roll up with buttered pastry, cream cheese, Granny Smith apples, rolled in cinnamon sugar and baked. A fall sweet to go with a nice warm nipper of your choice. Sister Mary Pacis was an English teacher at Sacred Heart. As long as her former pupils are alive the art of diagramming sentences will never die. Compound complex sentences with dangling participles and objects of prepositions. Throw in some Palmer method handwriting ovals and push pulls and you had yourself a well rounded catholic school student. More importantly she was an easy going approachable lady who would always be there if you wanted to put time in for extra help. A kind soul. #fallclassic