Nick DiTrolio
Date Released: Oct 2, 2019

Nick DiTrolio

Oct 2, 2019 | Apps, Special

Finally…..They’re here!! Our House Made Deep Fried Pickles with a side of Fancy Sauce. We call these Lil Crunchies the Nick DiTrolio. Nick will be with us all week long!

These are named after the longtime legendary proprietor of Manoa Cleaners, Nick DiTrolio. He was about as good hearted a human being as you could find. Literally fixed thousands of pairs of Immaculate Heart nun’s shoes for free for years. If he knew you when you went in no matter what you had done it was 2 bucks. We once made the mistake of questioning that price as being impossibly low as a wee lad. Needless to say that mistake was never made again but we did acquire some $4 dollar ties in the late eighties that may have been for sale since 1974 to pad some bills. A true gentleman in every sense of the word. #wideties#thepickleshadtobethenickditrolio