Mike Bradley
Date Released: Sep 26, 2019

Mike Bradley

Sep 26, 2019 | Apps, Special

Introducing the Mike Bradley. Our wings which are marinated, baked and fried over a 48 hour period. These are finished in Chef Andrew’s sweet honey ghost chili glaze. Best way to describe them are delectably sweet with a nice spicy finish. Made with locally sourced honey, ghost chilis and scallions. Served with side or ranch or blue cheese.

Mike Bradley was a long time bartender at Manoa. Also a noted grill man at Emmett’s back in the day. Probably the only youth baseball coach to drive his motorcycle right onto the Williamson Tract for practice. His brothers are known as TB and JB respectively but for whatever reason his was never once referred to as MB. Simply Brads. #delcoisnicknamecapitaloftheworld #sweetandhot